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Blog For Noob CFW For Nokia X6/5800/5530/523x

Blog For Noob CFW For Nokia X6/5800/5530/523x


* Added 3D Browser on Gallery Photo
* Added Ttpod on Music Player
* Gallery Mod ( Gallery will not mix up pictures and videos )
* 4 Row qwerty Keyboard
* Added 3 New cool Themes
* New Theme Effects
* Swipe To Unlock Change to Red
* New Font
* Music Player (HS) Changed
* Full N8 Icons By Binh24
* More C Space 76MB
* 4*5 Menu
* Camera Ram Mod
* Restart Power Button
* UI Mod Working So Fast
* Disable Ovi Contact
* High Quality Voice Recording
* Auto Lock Touch Screen Set to 30 Sec By Default
* Audio Plugins Is Set With High Codecs.
* No FOTA Server
* Remove Messaging lag in C6
* Smoothest Kinetic Scrolling Ever!
* Real Hack!
*HTC Start-up


* Restart Option instead of “Lock Screen and Keys” in Power Menu
* C5-03 Keyboard Layout added.
* Camera Sound is disable
* Display lights timeout and automatic keyguard time set to 30 seconds.’
* FOTA server and chace is removed
* Disabled vibration during Lock/ Unlock
* Zero start up of background applications
* RAM cache will Auto-optimize
* Display rotation is OFF by default
* Analog clock set as default.
* Display light turns OFF and Phone gets locked in 30 seconds
* Neon Fonts Used
* PC/OVI Suite will detect phone as Nokia C6-00
* Delivery Reports ON by default in Messaging
* Theme effects are OFF by default
* Removed “Check for Updates” in Device Updates
* ‘Summary after call’ ON by default
* ‘Speed Dialling’ ON by default
* ‘In call timer’ OFF by default
* Dialler landscape disabled.
* Very Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
* Lags in Messaging removed


* Camera Image Quality improved
* Camera will not leave in background
* Camera can now zoom in/out with the volume keys
* Video Capture frame rates increased
* Voice recorder records upto 12 hours!
* Voice recording quality set to highest!
* Gallery searching is very fast now!
* Gallery will not mix up pictures and videos
* Nokia Photo Browser integrated in Photos Homescreeen
* Integrated Nokia Photo Browser in the CFW
* Share Online removed from Photos Homescreen
* Music Player will read E:\Music\
* Music player will refresh loads faster!!
* Ovi Music removed from Music Homescreen


* Conversations integrated in Messaging
* Sent Messages set to 999 by default
* Delivery reports ON by default
* Messaging lags removed


* Nokia File Browser
* ROMPatcher+ v2.6
* Nokia PhotoBrowser
* New BTSwitch
* RAM Blow 1.3
* Nokia Notifications Widget
* Battery Monitor Widget
* Opera Mini v5.1
* Autoinstaller
* Zip Manager


* Ovi Contacts
* Ovi Music
* Ovi Sync
* Chat
* Video Call (for 5230/5233 Users)


*Nokia White


Before Flash!
*tick on the factory set also with manual flash & dead usb when JAF
*Detele system folder from memmory to best effect




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Still Uploading and Adding Videopixel Blog For Noob CFW For Nokia X6/5800/5530/523x


  1. hey can u plzzz tell me which file should i have to edit for getting the auto lock with default time plzzz help me

  2. link for 5800 no good.

  3. Link for 5800 on good.

  4. Speed Dialling not work in Chinese

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