Carnival Triumph suited for loss of cruise control


A cruise represents not only a vacation, but a very specific kind of vacation. One books it when one does not want to have to decide, or plan, or worry, or change money, or get tetanus shots. The people who would take a cruise have considered hiking through Nepal, cycling through Norway, staying at quaint little flophouses in Eastern Europe – it’s not like they don’t know those travel options exist – and thought, “No.” They do not believe that getting your wallet stolen in Mexico City is “a good story.”


After four days on the crippled Carnival Triumph with overflowing toilets, stifling heat and hours-long waits for food, at least one passenger is seeking legal revenge. But lawyers familiar with cruise ship lawsuits suggest angry passengers should think twice before rushing to the courts.

Unless passengers suffered major injuries or losses due to cruise operator negligence, they would be better off accepting the compensation offered by Carnival Corp., they said.

The Carnival Triumph was towed into port in Mobile, Ala., late on Thursday. Within hours, Cassie Terry, of Brazoria County, Texas, sued in federal court in Miami, describing the ship as “a floating toilet, a floating Petri dish, a floating hell” and seeking damages from Carnival Corp.

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