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Catherine Bosley Wet T-shirt Contest

Catherine Bosley of Key West’s story is on TV tonight. Broadcaster Catherine Bosley’s wet t shirt contest video became the subject of litigation in 2004.

The reported then on-airanchor of WKBN fought over images that circulated especially online following the contest. In the years prior, Catherine Bosley was co-anchor at WKBN of its morning show, and then subsequently its noon time program.

In the time following the tape dispute, Bosley reportedly then went to WYFM in Youngstown, Ohio. She is originally for Lake County, Ohio. Catherine Bosleyhad been at WKBN in Youngstown for 10 years.

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Catherine Bosley Wet T-shirt Contest

The lawsuit states that Bosley, aka Balsley, participated in the wet T-shirt contest in Florida in March 2003 and, without her knowledge, was photographed. She subsequently won a lawsuit that gave her ownership of the copyrighted works, including still photos and video.

Bosley, in her new lawsuit, said Hustler, without her permission, used a copyrighted photo in the magazine’s February 2006 issue.

Bosley was orignally outted by MOE in the afternoon who was a former Youngstown Shock Jock who was sent the photos and posted them online leading to her leaving the station.Catherine Bosley Wet T-shirt Contest

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