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Celebrating People Power Revolution EDSA Revolution

Celebrating People Power Revolution EDSA Revolution – As a Filipino, I’m very proud, in part, of the People Power Revolution or the EDSA (Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue) Revolution of 1986 (Feb. 22-25) because of its peaceful nature and the decline of the 20-year authoritarian power of the Marcos government. There’s no bloodshed or whatsoever and the whole world looked in awe to the Philippines. At the end of the revolution, then President Ferdinand Marcos conceded to Mrs. Corazon Aquino as President of the Philippines. Mrs. Aquino was the wife of a Filipino martyr and honest and strong-willed statesman, Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, who was killed due to political reasons, allegedly by Pres. Marcos’ group.

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However, just like what I’ve heard in the radio today, this kind of revolution, though peaceful and have changed the tyrant government, like Pres. Marcos, is nothing if we did not have the change that we are looking for, the change in the government and the change of the social and economic standings in the Philippines. But, though there are changes (President have been changed, “some” of the government officials have been removed and changed) but the poverty is still there, crimes that are crying for justice are still there, corruption in the government that is eating our society like cancer is still there. Yes, revolution is all we need for a change. But we need also to search in our souls even as an ordinary countrymen, are we really involved in the revolution or we are just playing along with what the majority of the Filipino people are playing, with what some of the government officials are saying.

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I believe its better to find the change within ourselves in order to have major changes in the society, in the government, of the people, by the people for the people, thank you, hehe.
Well, I don’t have to go to EDSA tomorrow or anywhere else to show my patriotic side of me. I think I need to be more involved with my family first, family values, the local community and then eventually, the national community. And whatever we do, it’ll be our own responsibility alone.

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