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Criss Angel Walk on Water Revealed

See how does Criss Angel walk on water video reveal here the full magic trick.

There’s more than you might care to know at Criss Angel. I do remember seeing him supposedly walk on water.

A simple demonstration of How Criss Angel Does his Walk through glass trick … Watch and learn how Criss Angel preforms such entities, such as Levitation and Walking on Water.Criss Angel born Christopher N. Sarantakos is an American musician, magician, illusionist, escapologist, stunt performer, and the creator and director of the Criss Angel Mindfreak television series on A&E Network. Now he is trying to simulate and replay what Jesus Christ did more than 2000 years ago, bywalking on water, in a magic and illusion performance that’s stunning.

criss walks on water 300x225 Criss Angel Walk on Water Revealed

Criss Angel Walk on Water Revealed

hat’s the secret of Criss Angel walks on water magic trick? How he does it? The secret will most likely points to illusion and camera video editing. The most convincing explaination to the trick is that Criss Angel was walking on some kind of floating device, or plexiglass, or transparent plastic bridge, or glass path, or vertical poles, which may have some gaps for swimmers to occasionally swin across it. Some also suggested that wires support was been used to hang him, which may be positioned under his arm, especially on the first 25 seconds or so. For all these tricks and optical illusion to happen, so all the ‘audiences’ and ’swimmers’ in the vidoe are actually the actors in the magic that were hired to add realistic and believable feel. The video may be edited by using CGI to hide the think platform in the water.


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  2. You're right about the plexiglass with gaps. In the show 'Magician's Secrets Finally Revealed', it is demonstrated exactly how the illusion was performed & it pretty much matches your explanation spot on, although it doesn't mention anything about CGI – I think it's probably just professional editing that's to thank.

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