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Her comments incurred the ire of netizens, who were quick to point out that the importance of emphasizing professional competitiveness extends also to nursing profession.

According to Reyna Elena, it’s an epic shame that while the rest of the nation in the world is emphasizing professional competitiveness, this senatorial candidate wants to dis-empower Filipino nurses and insultingly trivialized the abilities of Filipino nursing students and the professional nursing abilities of Filipino nurses, which is, not only respected the world over but is also very well-known.




A comment of Doc Jaei NP in the profile page of Cynthia Villar at IVotePh.com says

“I am Nurse and I was offended with her ignorance about our profession! I urge all Nurses, their family and friends not to vote nor endorse this ignorant politician,”

commenting on the statement of Cynthia Villar during one of the episodes of “Pagsubok ng mga Kandidato” aired by GMA News TV last February 23, 2013.

“Actually, hindi naman kailangan ang nurse ay matapos ng BSN. Kasi ‘tong ating mga nurses gusto lang nila maging room nurse o sa America o sa other countries eh ano lang sila, yung parang… uh, mag-aalaga. Hindi naman sila kailangan ganun kagaling,”

Team PNoy, Liberal Party senatorial candidate Cynthia Villar said when asked by Winnie Monsod regarding the issue of the CHED & the Technical Committee on Nursing Education’s (TCNE) attempt to close down low performing nursing schools during her term as the chair of the House Committee on Higher & Technical Education.

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