(DOH) has warned the public on “soup number 7″


soup no 7 philippines

The Department of Health (DOH) has warned the public on “soup number 7″ from China for it contains stem cell which is taken from aborted fetus.

The warning came after reports said the “soup” is already in the Philippines, and is being sold illegally.

The stem cell from aborted fetus is said to be an aphrodisiac, which, when absorbed by the body, increases one’s libido, or sex drive.

“Soup number 7″ is contained in a tablet-like medicine which is mixed with hot water to become a soup. Aside from it being a contraband, it is also fake and ineffective.

Phi­lippine Medical Association (PMA) Vice President Dr. Leo Olarte advised the public not to be deceived with these products, instead seek for licensed doctors for medication.

Before “soup number 7,” there was “soup number 5″ which some consumers swear by as an effective aphrodisiac. Its key ingredient is bull testicle.

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