Download Ramgen and Janelle Scandal Video – Ramgen and Janelle’s private video has became the first scandal of 2012when it was leaked online a couple of days ago.
The video features the late Ramgen and Janelle Manahan, both naked, doing the deed inside the bathroom.
Janelle Manahan’s camp is suspecting Ramgen’s siblings as responsible for the leakage of their private video in order to silence Janelle from testifying against them with regards to the Ramgen murder case.The Ramgen and Janelle sex video controversy will put to test whether or not the anti-cyber boso law is effective.
Senator Bong Revilla, who happens to be the co-author of RA 9995 or the “Anti-Voyeurism Law of 2009,” had sought the assistance of the National Bureau ofInvestigation (NBI) to identify and prosecute those responsible for uploading the scandalous video online.

Ramgen and Janelle Scandal Video

Ramgen and Janelle Scandal Video Download HereDownload Ramgen and Janelle Scandal Video


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