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Erin Andrews Peephole Video Free download

I’ve heard that a video of Erin Andrews Peephole Video leaked in the cyberspace which you can download for free at Rapidshare and Megaupload. Though I haven’t seen it yet.

Erin Andrews is an American Sportscaster. In 2007 and 2008, she was voted “America’s Sexiest Sporstcaster” by playboy magazine. Given that, I guess there are a ton of people right now looking for “Erin Andrews Peephole Video“.  She joined ESPN in 2004  and she served as a reporter for the ESPN College Football Saturday telecast.

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erin andrews

The controversy started when a video was uploaded in a mature website. The woman in the video was not actually named but it was said that the girl was a “Hot naked blonde who looks a lot like a sports blogger favorite in her hotel room”.

It was reported that the General Counsel of ESPN sent an email to the owners/webmaster of the said website demanding it to be immediately removed and that the web owners may face some legal measures if it should continue to show the video.

If you want to have a copy of the video just search Erin Andrews Peephole Video Free download Via Rapidshare or Erin Andrews Peephole Video Free download via Megaupload.


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  7. Erin Andrews looks hot while you peep on her. This Erin Andrews peephole video victim download link will work for you!

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  8. Here are the links again if you missed them they are Real not the fake shit that Dumb F@cks keep posting with fake websites that give you virus and trojan. You will need a flv player to watch all 7 videos get them before they get deleted

    <a href="http://rapidshare.com/files/257354845/ErinAndrews…” target=”_blank”>http://rapidshare.com/files/257354845/ErinAndrews

    <a href="http://hotfile.com/dl/8936880/6cd39b0/ErinAndrews…” target=”_blank”>http://hotfile.com/dl/8936880/6cd39b0/ErinAndrews

  9. That true Ben has her sister's picture and knows well.

  10. It appears that a lot of the internet-surfing public who tuned out on Friday afternoon is just now getting acquainted with the story about Erin Andrews' peephole video…
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  11. That is not ERin Andrews in the above picture. That is her sister.
    Just an FYI.

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