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  1. can i go to kalanggaman through malapascua?

  2. pls contact d_yhandz_21@yahoo.com becoz she's from Palompon…. and she's the one who posted this.. thanks…..

  3. hello.. ask lang po kung how much pamasahi ng pump boat. and where ba dapat sumakay ng pumboat?

  4. Is there a place we can stay there?Or do we have to bring a tent? how bout a bathroom? Like to go for snorkling to, do we have to bring our things or we can rent it there? And how much do you think will be our expenses if we stay there for 2 nights(from tacloban)? what are the activities there anyway aside from a beautiful view?Thanks,thanks…:-)

  5. hi,

    I am interested to know if there were dive sites in kalangaman, as I am planning to visit the area in 2nd week of june, iwould appreciate if you could give details about the dive sites.

    Thank you

  6. been there in Kalanggaman with my fiance we stayed there over night and it was really a beautiful place… nice are for snorkling ..

  7. If you ride on a pumpboat, it’s 40 mins. away from Bogo, Cebu. I’ve been in Kalanggaman since grades school. I really missed the place! It’s nice to do snorkeling especially during low tide.

  8. Geoffrey Yhopix Rosete

    i think there’s a van from tacloban but if there’s not.. just go to ormoc first then ormoc to palompon

  9. how to get there..? I’m from tacloban.

  10. nice a kalangaman island even my residence here palompon but I’m not ever visit kalanggaman………wish ko 2 visit

    mabuhay palompon

  11. yep there’s a diving spot.. in tabuk island.. 

  12. Geoffrey Yhopix Rosete

    i have one.. but its in southern leyte…

  13. is there a diving spot in kalanggaman island?
    or do u have any suggestion or anywhere in palompon?

  14. i think there’s a van from tacloban but if there’s not.. just go to ormoc first then ormoc to palompon

  15. from tacloban to palompon will take 2-3 hours…

  16. was wondering if how do we get there from tacloban? and how long would it take? :D

  17. Thanks for posting this and the photos. I will show my husband these photos because we were just talking about this place yesterday. Maybe the next time we come home to Pinas we might visit the Island. Thanks!

  18. :D hope u like the place.. it’s one of my hometown’s pride

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