Malacañang Palace New Logo 2011

Malacañang on Monday unveiled the revised signage for the Press Briefing Room in the New Executive Building. In a briefer published on the Official Gazette, the palace said the 2011 version is the latest update to the logo since 1986.

The oval signage was changed during the Estrada administration to a half-moon shape with a version of the blue background in current use. It was changed again during the Arroyo administration–when the briefing room was relocated to the New Executive Building–with a few variations before the more familiar one in use today was adopted.

Malacañan Palace New Logo 2011

2011 Malacañan Palace Logo Revision

The 2011 signage for the Press Briefing Room of the New Executive Building is the latest update since 1986. The present modified design harmonizes the elements of past official signage, incorporating the famous Pasig River façade of the Palace with its arched windows and two towers, the name of the official residence and its location. The background color is the national blue, as used in the national flag and presidential seal. The font used is in keeping with the traditional typography used in official stationery since the Commonwealth era.


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