Anonymous Philippines hacked Ph. President’s Website


Cyber activist “Anonymous Philippines” defaced the website of the Office of the President of the Philippines early Thursday, March 14. Anonymous Philippines is protesting against the way the President has been handling the conflict in Sabah.


“We have watched how you signed into law a bill that endangers and tramples upon the netizens’ freedom of speech and expression. Now, we are silent witnesses as to how you are mishandling the Sabah issue,” the message said.

“We did not engage the Malaysian hackers who invaded our cyberspace since we expected you to appropriately and judiciously act on the same, but you failed us. You did nothing while our fellow brothers are being butchered by the Malaysian forces, and while our women and children become subject of human rights abuses. If you can’t act on the issue as the Philippine President, at least do something as a fellow Filipino. We are watching,”

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