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  1. hi. i wanna ask. i forget my nokia x6 lock code. if i flash, will it reset the lock code to default.?? did you have any link or tutorial for flashing the official firmware that download from navifirm.?? thnx

  2. hi! I just inherited a smart-locked nokia 5800. I’ve been trying to unlock it for days already, but to no avail. I’d really be grateful if you could help me unlock it. Please?

  3. hey does this thing works for nokia 5233 also…

  4. dude can u tell the size of the file downloaded from navifirm

  5. sir,pls heip me… PPM, CNT, APE Variant become green…but not mcu light ….pls sir …what can i do?my handset 5230….v.50.0.001….i goy my hacked cfw from another site…help me….thx..

  6. while downloadin orginal frimware frm navifirm which version should i download my current version or latest one plz reply

  7. hi
    i have a nokia n97 and and when the ‘select phone model’ pops up the is no nokia n97 option
    plz help me!

  8. hi
    i have a nokia n97 and and when the ‘select phone model’ pops up the is no nokia n97 option
    plz help me!

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  10. how i know mcu,ppm,cnt in which file suitable? tell me

  11. i cant find the nokia X6 RM-559 in that box that pops up after you click "use INI"

  12. y i download from navifirm i just downloaded from ur link cfw v6.1 and put it in nokia/phoenix/products/rm 356.is it right? my phn is 5800 rm 356.

  13. the ape variant doesnt turn green in my case…anyone plzzz help

  14. My phone 5230 rm593 is installin and then it just stop:

    Writing cmt…
    Processing C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorDesktop593RM-593_40.8.003_prd.core.C00…
    Sending CMT HASH for ADA
    Sending CMT HASH for KEYS
    Sending CMT HASH for PRIMAPP
    Sending CMT HASH for RAP3NAND
    Sending CMT HASH for PASUBTOC
    cmt->PAPUB_CERTIFICATE_DATA_BB5 block detected
    cmt->PAPUB_CERTIFICATE_DATA_BB5 block detected, sending…
    Sending CMT HASH for SOS*UPDAPP
    Sending CMT HASH for SOS*ENO
    Sending CMT HASH for SOS*DSP0
    Sending CMT HASH for SOS*ISASW
    Sending CMT HASH for SOS+CORE
    Sending CMT HASH for SOS+ROFS1
    Error sending cmd data…
    Error sending cmd data…
    Error writing cmt…

    Can anyone help my what i must do?

  15. My phone x6 RM559 already have firmware 31.0.3. I followed the instruction copied RM-559_31.0.004_001_000_U001.uda.fpsx into this path C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-559 and replaced existing file. i have successfully flash my x6 but firmware still look the same before nothing changes. Please help!!

  16. the .fpsx CFW file is 1kb large while the original .fpsx file from navifirm is about 12 Mb large. should i still replace it.

  17. This guide working fine for my. Just of course you need to be extremely careful and do not miss any step. Any guides how to downgrade nokia symbian s60v5 ? Just in case ?

  18. i killed my phone… stucked at local mode. what should i do.pls help

  19. hay admin! Do you have some new project in future?

  20. hello..i have an nokia x6-00 rm 559. i want to know if is working ok with no problems with battery, if is working at normal parameters..thanks a lot

  21. hello!

    iave insaled CFW Symbian_3_v6_Nokia_5800_RM-356 i this CFW is great,thanks alote

    but ihave some questions.you say next,and i qoute" copy files from HERE to E:Patches on your mSD, run RomPatcher+ on your phone, select “Install Server RP+” and “Open4All RP+”, add them to auto and your phone is permanently hacked" please explain where is "HERE".? and where is RomPatcher+? thanks

  22. I can not find my phone in the list of the pop out, my phone is 5230 RM-629. What is wrong?

  23. i can not find my phone in the list of the pop out, what should i do

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